Laser Cutting

Carac offer exceptional laser cutting capabilities for cutting intricate shapes across a broad range of materials. From high volume to one off prototype parts, the machine is designed for speed, accuracy and fast set-up times. Fitted with shuttle tables for faster production, cut parts can be removed and a new sheet loaded while the laser works on the other table. We can also cut square or round tube.


With the latest software, we can rapidly convert your drawing or file and nest your parts for the most efficient sheet use, saving you money. From steel to titanium, polycarbonate and wood we have the experience to cut it efficiently.


Our design team can discuss with you ways to take advantage of the accuracy of laser cutting by adding location tabs and keys to make assembly easier and more accurate. Parts can be etched with assembly instructions to eliminate mistakes or etched with serial numbers for traceability.  Talk to us today about the advantages of high speed laser cutting for your business.

Benefits of laser cutting


Incredibly versatile, laser cutting is able to cut any flat 2D shape to the most demanding specifications on many different types of materials.

Provides cutting precision and accuracy down to 0.1mm

Cutting results in a clean square cut edge requiring little to no clean up

Cutting accuracy eliminates any need for second operations such as machining & drilling

Ability to facilitate long run production jobs or small one off samples with no costly tooling setups

Allows for efficient use of material.

Duplication accuracy is assured. With a precision CNC motion system, you can be sure your repeat orders will be duplicated precisely every time

Twin tables provide faster processing on long production runs saving you time and money

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