Water Jet Cutting

Carac has one of the most powerful and accurate waterjet machining centres and the only five axis machine in New Zealand with rotary cutting and it can cut tapered holes up to 60 degrees. Pipes can be cut up to 800mm in diameter at 4m long and 600mm in diameter at 8m long. Waterjet cutting offers a new range of available options for redesigning products and processes and takes advantage of the powerful clean cut and accuracy of our machine.


Our state of the art waterjet cutting work is based on service and quality. The versatility of the machine allows us the flexibility to meet your delivery requirements. We offer a fast turnaround that is generally no more than a couple of days, and even the same day for smaller jobs.


Our machine is one the most powerful in New Zealand. Its high pressure pump allows us to cut thicker material with a more accurate cut. It also allows us to develop a higher processing speed to give more economical part-production. The high precision ball screw driver is most advanced in its industry and this technology gives Carac a leading edge in our industry.

Benefits of water jet cutting


One of the most versatile. The Water Jet can cut many different types of materials quickly and efficiently.

Materials include: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Tiles (flooring & wall), Glass, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Plastic, Granite, Rubber, Polystyrene and more (if we haven’t attempted your choice of material we can try).

A bed size of 4m x 2m allows for cost effective production runs.

Perfect for those detailed jobs, our operators are able to programme and cut the most Intricate, complex designs, with 3D paths and variable tapered cuts.

Ability to facilitate long run production jobs or small one off samples.

With no heat affected zone, heat distortion or hardening of materials does not occur.

All cuts have a clean square edge with no dross, requiring little to no finishing after cutting.

The tight nesting of parts on material helps eliminate as much wastage as possible.

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