Plasma Cutting

Where speed is required and for thicker plate, Carac’s high definition plasma cutter takes over from laser. Faster cutting than laser, cheaper to run and able to handle thicker material, plasma trades accuracy and surface finish for speed and economy.


Our plasma cutting machine is one of the new generation high definition machines with precise servo motors to position the head and a high power Hypertherm cutting torch.

When you contact us we can discuss your requirements and help you decide which process will get you the results you need at the best price. We can also cut you sample parts to help you decide.

Benefits of plasma cutting


With a large bed size of 3.6m x 12m it allows for large components to be cut in almost any flat geometric shape required (depending on available material sizes) both quickly and easily.

A very economical method of material cutting with little wastage.

Ideal for structural steel plates, building brackets, welded and galvanized components and parts that need to be machined after cutting.

Cuts a variety of materials and thicknesses (mild steel up to 100mm thick, stainless steel up to 25mm and aluminium up to 12mm thick).

Ability to cut much thicker materials while keeping the cutting cost highly effective.

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