Tow Safe with TOWLOCK™

Slip a TOWLOCK™ over your towball and the towrope. Will not slip off or jerk free from any vehicle’s towball no matter what the pulling angle of the towline is.

  • Will not jump off when tow lock goes slack, or when towing over bumpy ground
  • Complies with lawful and safe towline connection requirements
  • Easy to fit and to remove by hand. No tools are needed
  • Locks the TOWLOCK™ device in place
  • Simply hook or shackle towline/towrope/strop/steel cable to TOWLOCK™

Every Towball needs a TOWLOCK™

  • Private vehicle breakdowns and vehicle assists in mud, sand, snow, ice, floods
  • Commercial vehicles, rescue services and tow truck operators
  • Emergency Services – fire, police, ambulance, energy, councils, communications, military, doctors, veterinarians, etc
  • Farm quads and ATV’s, tractors, utes
  • Boat launching and retrievals
  • Off Roaders and recreational 4x4s

Connect Safely with TOWLOCK™

TOWLOCK™ fits to all 1 7/8 inch or 50mm towbars.

Three sizes of TOWLOCK™ are available to align with the tow vehicle’s safe towing weight abilities.

NZ Patent No. 730172

Made in New Zealand, by Carac Couplings


NOTE: If you are using TOWLOCK in extreme conditions, we highly recommend running a safety chain to TOWLOCK as a precaution.

TOWLOCK™ Fitting Instructions


Slide spring over towball making sure spring is positioned at rear of towball. DO NOT OVER STRETCH SPRING.

Attach D clip/tow rope clip to large end of TOWLOCK™.

To remove TOWLOCK™

Push TOWLOCK™ forward then lift TOWLOCK™ off towball.

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