Agricultural Coupling


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Made of quality NZ Steel, this Agricultural coupling is designed, manufactured and sold right here in NZ and has been that way for the last 30+ years.

The unique design of the top cap allows for dirt to push straight up past the towball meaning less time digging dirt out of the coupling and more time getting stuck in to the task at hand.

Made to fit 1 7/8″ towball. Other sizes available on request.

Note: This coupling is not rated for road and is for use on private property only such as farms, lifestlye blocks, and parklands.

25 x 5mm NZ Mild Steel
Zinc plated for corrosion resistance

2000KG weight rated

NZ. 225020
AUS. 36314/89
US. 07/365,975
International Patents Pending

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Body Style

Bolt-on, Weld-on