UltraGrip Heavy Duty


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Suitable for machines up to 30 Ton+.

UltraGrip is our ultimate strength TrackGrip with its exceptional sideways protection and extra lugs. This heavy duty TrackGrip is perfect for snow, ice, shale and forestry in rocky terrain.

Extra traction when you need it. Made from a combination of medium and high tensile steel the unique adjustable design allows you to get the job done even in the toughest conditions.

TrackGrip® bolts on to your tracks and provides additional traction and sideways protection. No more welding on lugs or cleets in the hope they’ll last the season – TrackGrip® are attached and unattached easily so they can be stored and used again and again.

Get a grip, get TrackGrip®!


We recommend one TrackGrip every 4th or 5th shoe with a minimum of three TrackGrips contacting with the ground per track at any one time.

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